Smart Auto Payment Services

The Cloud Depot RPS payment rules engine allows you to control what invoices get automatically charged to your client. You don’t always have permission to bill everything, so we let you apply payment rules at a customer level to match what you can and can’t bill.

Unlike other auto payment services, Cloud Depot RPS is variable based on the outstanding invoices from your accounting software, no manually adjusting invoices.

Cloud Depot RPS is designed to be setup and forget, you don’t need to log in each month and manually click buttons to get paid.

Seamless reconciliation
Automatically apply payments to invoices
Turn on Automatic Payments
Customers can turn on or off recurring payments
Send digital receipts
Send automatic receipts to customers when payments are made
Pass on Credit Card Fees
Update the original invoice with any applicable surcharges
Custom Payment Rules
Setup different rules per client
Saves you money on Gateway fees
Batch invoices together into one transaction

Let Cloud Depot RPS do the Magic!