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Autotask to Xero integration.

Setup is easy and fast

Connect Autotask with Xero in minutes and completely automate your invoices, purchase orders and payments from Autotask to Xero. Once set up the task will automatically run based on your billing plan.

Fully featured automatic Autotask to Xero sync

Invoices and Purchase Orders

We support Autotask Invoices and Purchase orders into Xero

Credit Notes

Negative invoices are no problem, we support Xero credit notes

Products and Services

Products, inventory and services from Autotask to Xero

Customers and Contacts

Automatically map to existing Xero contacts or create new ones.

Automatic syncing

Enjoy seamless automation with our 100% automated sync

No setup fees

We don’t charge any setup fees or onboarding fees

Full Tax Mapping

Taxes are no problem, we can support any tax region


Full multi-currency support in Autotask and Xero


Send payments back automatically from Xero into Autotask

Branding Themes

Branding theme mapping between Autotask and Xero

Multi-Xero Support

Run multiple companies from one Autotask account


Run multiple companies using Line-of-business

*Please note, not all features are available on all pricing plans. Please see our pricing for more information.

How does it work?

When you setup an account with us we redirect you to Xero’s partner page to authorize Cloud Depot with your company's Xero account. Once authorized Xero redirects you back to Cloud Depot where you enter your Autotask account details to allow us to begin the synchronization process.
Once set up, our service automatically checks to see if you have any new invoices, purchase orders or payments, based on your billing plan. If we find that you have new billing items we will pull them down from Autotask and push them into Xero automatically. Depending on your preference these can be saved as draft or authorised automatically in Xero.
Cloud Depot works with any Xero account anywhere in the world. Our product is a certified Xero and Datto Autotask add-on.

What is Xero? Watch this Intro Video

Xero is online accounting software that has been designed for small to medium sized businesses. It makes managing the financial health of your business more transparent, straightforward and fun.

Prepare your company for success
Power your company with Cloud Depot

Integrating Autotask to Xero using Cloud Depot will save you hours each month in double entry. Mitigate the risk of making mistakes and free up your admin’s time. When you create an invoice in Autotask we will send it automatically to Xero.


No long-term contracts
No vendor lock-in
No hidden fees
No setup fees

What are people saying about Cloud Depot?


Xero Review
We've been using CloudDepot for about 5 years now. It only dawned on me how much of a nightmare it used to be coordinating/copying transactions from one to the other. Without doubt, this saves me a day a month.


Xero Review
We used a different service that was completely overpriced. So glad we found MAT/CloudDepot to help us get our Autotask invoices into Xero and back.

AP Team

Xero Review
Our MSP sync’s 350+ invoices every month through two Xero organisations in two different countries using a single Autotask account.


Xero Review
Massively streamlines billing & invoicing. Highly recommended!