Intelligent Recurring Payment Service

Select your Preferred Payment Gateway

Cloud Depot Recurring Payment Service (RPS) connects to UK's most popular payment gateway providers.
Customers can pay you through your own branded payment portal or opt to be charged automatically by credit card or direct debit when invoices are due.
By using a 3rd party secure gateway Cloud Depot can provide you with the most competitive rates, global reach and no vendor lock-in.
The gateway provider will handle the payments and Cloud Depot Recurring Payment Service will provide the interface and intelligence for you and your customers.
Cloud Depot RPS is globally available in 120 countries and supports multi-currency.

The following gateways are available in the UK

Stripe - Operating in 120 countries with millions of companies running Stripe. Stripe is a global leader in ecommerce.
Supported Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Foreign Currency
Payrix - Operating in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and UK, Payrix is known for technology innovation and client service.
Supported Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Bank Direct Debit

Connect your Xero account

Cloud Depot RPS downloads up-to-date invoice information from Xero in near real time. Using our powerful rules engine, you decide what invoices will be automatically paid by customers when they are due.

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Let Cloud Depot RPS do the Magic!

Prepare your company for success
Power your company with Cloud Depot RPS.

Automated getting paid has never been so easy, customers can download invoices, see what’s outstanding, pay invoices and turn on automatic payments. All on your own branded payment portal.


No long-term contracts
No vendor lock-in
No hidden fees
No setup fees

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